Monday, March 29, 2010

R.I.P. Max

Well, today was the day..... In spite of our best efforts, we finally realized Max is not going to stop spraying in the house. We've tried calming pheronome sprays and kitty valium without success - in fact, recently it's been much worse. So, with much regret we brought Max to the vet know....

Not a great day - no one was happy about it, but there does come a time when one has to say ENOUGH!!!! Kris took it relatively well (Max was his cat) he was upset, but he knew it was coming.

A fairly busy day in the office, although, I did manage to get to watch most of the rain-delayed NASCAR race this afternoon. My driver, (Jeff Gordon for those of you who don't already know) lead some laps and was leading towards the end until Matt Kenseth bumped him and he went back a few spots, but came in 3rd & I'm okay with that. But, tell me, how can Jimmie Johnston come in 11th and wind up leading the points??????? not fair! Oh well, still early in the season!

today's picture - Max playing in a box.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

is this March???

I totally cannot believe that this warm, no-snow, weather continues! Other than a couple of days in early March when it snowed on and off for a few days, it has been positively balmy weather for this time of year. I have not worn boots or winter coat for 3 weeks!! I like it, but it's a bit freaky too!

For those enterprising people reading this - here are two innovations that need doing
#1. lights for laptops - I have my laptop in the living room where I can surf, email etc. while watching TV. Our living room tends to be dark and I cannot see the lap top keyboard - causing me to often mis-type! sooo annoying! If only my laptop came with a tiny light that lit up just the keyboard! how handy would that be????

#2. rotary bathtub cleaner (or something like that) This one is care of Jamie who claims he uses this method for cleaning his bathroom. Take a regular electric drill with wire brush attachment and then stick a thick sponge on the wire brush (so you don't scratch your tub) then a nice sprinkle of Comet on the sponge and away you go! Works well - Rick actually tried it on our tub - only problem is the flying bits of Comet generated by the speed of the drill. A proper unit would likely come with a slower speed, no wire brush and a screen deflector so the scrub-ee doesn't have to change clothes afterwards!!

Well, there you go, kids - two inventions just waiting for the right person to come along and do something with them.

Been a busy week this week - lots of running around for real estate - two deals in the works and 2 houses listed! Wheeeeee.... This morning I drove from Mink Lake (Pembroke area) to Calabogie to get an offer signed - lots of driving in rural real estate!

If fact, we were so busy running around, that I was quite sure I had missed the NASCAR race this afternoon, but turns out it had been cancelled due to rain, so if I can wrap things up at the office tomorrow morning, I can get home by noon & watch the rain-delayed race.

Last Sunday we had a great afternoon watching the race at Bill and Andrea's house. In deference to my low/no carb diet, Andrea outdid herself in snacks and goodies I could legitimately eat & followed it up with a great steak and Caesar salad. Super day, guys! - too bad Jimmie Johnson had to sneak up and win the race!!!! We're all just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of Jimmie Johnson! (I may have mentioned that before)

As I'm typing this, I'm watching a Led Zeppelin concert from 1976 on the VH1 Classic channel- amazing! We've seen a ton of old videos and concerts from the 70's since subscribing to VH1 Classic. Most of it is stuff we're seeing for the first time - back then, we only heard the music - we didn't really have any visuals other than album covers and photos, so this is all new to us. As I said - amazing!

Today's picture - deer in Bill and Andrea's back yard! and Buddy, cuz, he's so freaking CUTE!!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shelly, you're a STAR!!!

On Thursday night we watched Shelly's segment on House Hunters International on HGTV - what a thrill to watch someone you know on TV!!!! Shelly looked great and it was soooooo neat to watch her on TV. Unfortunately, we couldn't tape it as we no longer have a VCR hooked up to the TV and our Blue Ray doesn't record.

Anyway, good job, Shelly! I'm sure we'll see it again on re-runs - I (of course) watch HGTV a LOT! I like to see how other real estate agents "spin" bad things into good - like "I KNOW the house is only 20 feet from the highway - but that makes it SUPER for commuting" stuff like that!

We came home from shopping today to discover the kitchen tap was leaking. Rick just installed it about 3 years ago and now the seals (or whatever) are shot. The good news is that we had a spare, nearly new, tap on hand that Rick was able to install right way - the bad news is that the reason we had a spare, nearly new tap on hand is because it's rather ugly and was installed and quickly removed 3 years ago and we couldn't sell it for $20 at our last garage sale! However, as it doesn't leak it is clearly a winner now!

Well, after a week off, we have a NASCAR Nationwide race this afternoon and tomorrow the Sprint cup race! We're off to Bill and Andrea's tomorrow to watch it - should be a good afternoon of racing!

Meanwhile, I plan to enjoy the Nationwide race (provided my cell phone doesn't start to go off!!

today's picture - Shelly on TV

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Warm Weather ahead!

Wow - I can't believe it's mid-March and we've been hanging laundry outside for nearly a week! Incredible! We always seem to have a freakishly warm day or two in February or March, but, this warm weather has lasted over a week. I haven't worn boots in over a week.

Lots of places have no snow left, our front lawn is slightly bowl shaped, so it sort of "collects" snow - but up close to the house, there is lots of lawn showing. The cats love this weather - they like being able to go outside and in.... and out.....and in - and never all at the same time - they all have their own schedules - it's exhausting sometimes.

Looking forward to a race this weekend - this past weekend was race-free as NASCAR took a week off. Usually in an off weekend, there is at least a truck race or something, but this week all three of NASCAR's main series were off. We did catch the Indy racing on Sunday - funny they don't fuss much over Danica Patrick in the Indy series, In fact as she ran in 16th place most of the race, her name was hardly mentioned at all! Oh well, she'll be back in NASCAR in a few months for a few races and the media hype will start once again!

I might have mentioned before that our cat Nibbles is totally dedicated to Kris. She sits on his lap (won't sit on mine) she waits at the door or in the laneway for him to come home. If she is in another part of the house when he comes home, she makes a bee-line for him as soon as she hears his voice! Well,yeserday Rick heard her yowling and generally making an awful racket - thinking she was hurt or in trouble, he ran downstairs to see what was wrong. Turns out the door to Kris's room was closed and she was practically turning herself inside out trying to claw it open.

Today's picture is (why not) Nibbles