Saturday, March 30, 2013

feeding time at the zoo

Supper time with 6 cats can be a bit hectic - it is the busiest and noisiest time in the kitchen!!! 

Here are (from left to right) Nibbles, Lucy and Allie eating supper in the kitchen (Tigger and Missy eat in separate rooms and Buddy eats whenever and wherever he pleases)  I didn't notice until I took this picture, how well these three match my kitchen floor!!!

Grazing on dry food in the living room.   That's Missy beside her basket house, Lucy with her face in the food bowl, Tigger sitting and Allie lieing down waiting her turn.  Sometimes they get nasty, but mostly just hang out waiting for a go at the trough!! 

In other news, we had a after a fairly busy February/March real estate season - things seem to have slowed down a bit this past week - but I imagine it will ramp up once Easter is over
Happy Easter everyone!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

hungry deer

I looked out the dining room window this evening and was quite surprised to this this pretty lady checking out the bird feeder.   We had just put down out some feed for them, but I guess she was a bit braver than the others.  Really neat to see her so close to the house.

Not much else new - Rick and I are keeping pretty busy - for this time of year anyway.  Always a "good thing" in our line of work!

Friday, March 1, 2013

lots of snow

Well, to prove Spring ISN'T, in fact, just around the corner, we had lots and lots of heavy wet snow on Wednesday.  Kris and I were outside around 11 on Wednesday night listening to the tree branches cracking under the weight of the snow.  We have a few large branches that came down across the driveway that Rick and Kris will have to clean up on the weekend.

Fortunately on Wednesday we didn't have any driving to do and so we just took a snow day and stayed off the roads. 

As for our 6 feline housemates, I would have to say they are all getting along amazingly well - especially since this is the winter where they are in most of the time.  Lucy and Allie don't go out very often - I think they may still worry that they won't get back in!!!  

today's pics  - SNOW