Thursday, August 19, 2010

another one bites the dust!

Timminco Metals, formerly Chromasco Limited, formerly Dominion Magnesium - a magnesium mine established in the 30's (I think) is coming down!

As we drove by the mine last night, we noticed that the demolition of one of the larger buildings has started. This is just another example of Canada's (North America's) manufacturing going off shore. Cheaper to import inferior grade magnesium than mine it here. hmmmm....

When we moved to Haley Station in 1986 there must have been 350+ people working there - I worked in the offices myself for several years before going to Timminco's Pembroke plant (long gone as well - same story - cheaper to import inferior strontium from China) In the 90's both these plants were thriving - and millions spent in upgrades and research.
These plants exported high-quality magnesium & strontium alloys all over the world with offices in the States, Europe, Australia & Japan. This was a well respected and dynamic business. For more information and to rejuvinate a little bit of Canadian pride, google the Pidgeon Process and see what you get....
By the late 90's the writing was on the wall and by 2005 there were only half a dozen employees left.
Well, it's a sign of the times - as long as we continue to purchase cheap crap from overseas, we will continue to see our own Canadian plants disappear
I think the saddest thing is that this isn't even worthy of a note in the local paper - I have yet to see any of our local newspapers write so much as a column about it.

Okay, I'm done - I'm climbing off my soap box now - I just thought that someone, SOMEWHERE should make note of this event.
yup, another one quietly bites the dust....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Another hot humid day in the Valley. I don't remember days like this when I was small

I just came in back in the house after rescuing a poor little mouse that two of my cats were tormenting out on the front lawn. I HATE it when they do that! the two nasties (Nibbles and Buddy) had the mouse between them and every time it moved (or shook) they would be ready to pounce and it would freeze again! Anyway, I snagged the two beasties and brought them in the house. Hopefully the mouse will get up the nerve to run away. I think they sometimes die from fear - have little mousey strokes or something

I listed two properties this week - actually one was a re-listing in Calabogie, so it was back to Calabogie Lake to put up the signs again and get signatures etc. Nice place at $349K
I also listed a fixer upper in Renfrew for $79,900. The upstairs has been very nicely renovated, but the downstairs - not so much! Just a little place about 900 square feet. Still, what can you buy for that kind of money? In Ottawa, it would still probably be around $200K I'm amazed that more people from Ottawa don't move out here and communte - living's cheap!

The long weekend was rather quiet for us - we watched the NASCAR race on Sunday and I must say that my favorite driver, Jeff Gordon, and his crew chief are inventing new ways to lose a race. Honestly! Best car, fastest car, leading the most laps - bad pit call close to the end and Jeff comes in 20th or something stupid like that. "Stay out, Jeff!!!" I said, but NOOOOOOO, he comes in for 4 tires and throws the race - LOSER!

Anyhoo, other than that life is quiet - Kris is doing a lot of fishing in his canoe (it only leaks a bit - I understand they can stay out for almost a full hour before having to come in and pour the water out...) I think they throw back whatever fish they catch - at least it isn't winding up in my fridge, thank God!
picture today is Buddy trying to catch a light reflection on the wall (his punishment for playing with his food, is messing with his little kitty brain with lights on the walls that he never EVER seems to figure out he can't catch!) and Missy working on her tan.