Monday, May 23, 2011

tried hard to rain.....

well, it was a weird weather day today - it was heavily over-cast all day and looked like it was about to rain at any minute - BUT, it never did. I hear they had hail in Eganville this afternoon - glad we missed that.

Rick and I just kinda chilled today - Rick washed the cars and tidied the garage at bit - bugs are horrendous!!! Saturday we were showing waterfront properties and while it wasn't too bad close to the water where there was a breeze, but back off the water a bit and you got eaten alive. I tend to (a) attract mosquitoes and (b) get enormous welts when bitten. Therefore I tend to stay inside at this time of year as much as possible!

We did list a terrific little house on Golden Lake a couple of weeks ago - cute as a bugs ear - and totally renovated (they added a basementIKEA kitchen etc.,) it's a long way from home to show, but this time of year the drive is nice.

I should mention that Kris has planted one heck of a vegetable garden in the back yard - I can't believe the work he's put into it. First he dug up a patch of ground about 30 x 30, then he borrowed a roto-tiller and tilled it, then he got some good soil, then he built a fence around it to keep out the varmints, added a gate and this weekend he planted corn, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots etc. He certainly seems to enjoy it - between the heat and the bugs, it's not for me - I'll buy from the local farmers market - but I'm looking forward to some of the produce from Kris' garden this summer.

I just checked the weather - it's only supposed to go up to 10 degrees tomorrow - chilly!

Several posts ago, I think I mentioned all the solar panels we're seeing in the area - small, home-owner type systems as people take advantage of the Green Energy Act letting them sell their electricity for a LOT of money. I said at the time that I doubted the provincial government did this just to promote "green energy" at a grass roots level. I think I was right - google Samsung wind power - there are 4 wind farms slated to go up in Ontario after Samsung cut a deal with the provincial government- details of the deal are "secret". hmmmmmm.......

Once again, I'm not against green energy, I always thought this was more about money for some large corporations than it was about green energy.

Okay - that's it for now - today's picture is one Rick took down the road at the old Ross Mineview Public School which is now a helicopter repair plant. They mostly re-build engines so we don't often see a whole helicopter but this week they had this one out and running a couple of times.

Friday, May 6, 2011

nice day!

Today was a definite improvement on the weather. Cool when we started out this morning in the Beachburg area. By this afternoon it had warmed up quite a bit, but threatened rain and a cool breeze came up. Right now it is trying to rain and cool out.

Our male cat Buddy is out everyday regardless of the weather - we generally leave him out when we leave in the morning. Funny, though the three "ladies" only go out briefly and rarely stay out when we leave. Nibbles (the big baby) doesn't like to go in the bush at all - when Kris goes into the bush to work on his shed (a place to put all his stuff), Nibbles sits at the edge of the bush and cries. We figure she could transition to an apartment cat if she ever had to.

Tomorrow (well, pretty much the whole weekend) we are quite busy - we're showing 7 houses in Douglas - should only take a couple of hours, mind you - Douglas isn't very big) and then have an appointment in the office for 5 p.m. Then Sunday we're out to Golden Lake to look at a really cute cottage. So, that's the weekend - it's good to be busy!!!!

Today's picture was taken at the end of our road - a few horses and 2 of them having a little nap! Horses don't lie down all that often, but they will on occasion if they are comfortable in their surroundings - guess these 2 were....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

cool weather....

The weather is anything but spring-like lately - will be happy to see some sun tomorrow if weatherman is to be believed!

Had a great visit last night with friends and ex-neighbours Pam and Terry - our travelling friends who traded in their house for an RV and the nomadic life. They were passing through the area from Parry Sound where they work at a park for the summer, to visit their son and daughter-in-law in Ottawa. We had a nice dinner together shared a bottle of red wine and had good chat into the evening. They were up this morning and off to Ottawa after breakfast.

Spent the rest of the day lazing around - answering emails and setting up appointments - no need to go into the office - can work from home quite well!

Yesterday Kris brought home some quality bird seed - we scoffed that our no-name bird seed was fine but GUESS WHAT??? This morning as we were enjoying a cup of tea with Pam and Terry in the dining room, we saw a type of bird at our feeder that we had never seen before. Pam thought it was a Pine Grosbeak, but we checked out a birding website and it appears to be a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Very striking markings (as you can see by my picture) and looks like the new birdseed is working!