Sunday, April 24, 2011

nice day!

Today was one of the nicest days we have had in a while! Nice and sunny and fairly warm (for April anyway)

I managed to get a small-ish turkey for our Easter dinner - Jamie and Julie weren't able to make it as Jamie was spending the weekend working on both his and Julie's car - so it was just Rick, Kris and myself. So, my 12 pound bird was just right and turned out very well.

It was fairly quiet real estate-wise over the weekend - which is to be expected. Still, we managed to firm up another sale, so that's good.

Kris has been busy the last couple of days clearing some trails in the bush for his dirt bike and he's also building a shed in the bush to store some up the items he brings home - and he's decided to start a small garden -so he dug up a small patch in the back yard and has bought some tomato plants to plant. He also dug up several small evergreens in the bush and brought them out to plant on the front lawn - nice! If I had my way, our front lawn would be trees and wild-flowers - but I don't imagine our neighbours would like that!

Well, we're back to work tomorrow - we have a house in Douglas to list and then we'll see where the day takes us.

today's pictures - Kris and Buddy the cat in the bush!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

strange days....

this is some of the weirdest April weather we've had in a long time. We've had some very nice days - last week I saw someone in shorts and "scandles" - yesterday and Monday I hung laundry out and today we had freezing rain and snow!!!

Well, we managed to log a LOT of miles over the past week or so. Over 400 kms on Saturday as we were showing properties in Matawatchan and then Barry's Bay area. Long day. On Monday we were back on the road - 180 kms that day!

Today we stayed put - didn't want to venture out on the roads if we didn't have to! It was nice to relax for the day, bake some bread, have a nice fire, watch TV.

Kris has not put out any deer pellets for a while now but when we looked out this afternoon, there were two deer quite close to the house sniffing around for food. I guess the snow has them a bit confused. Our bird feeder was exceptionally busy - anytime I looked at it, there were literaly dozens of birds around it.

Don't have any big plans for Easter - I imagine we'll cook a turkey - hopefully, Jamie and Julie will be able to come up for dinner - but I'm cooking a turkey anyway!!!

Today's picture was taken this morning of the deer looking for food. these two don't look to old and they were actually quite wary of our cat Buddy who was out there - they stomped there feet at him several times before taking off into the bush

Sunday, April 10, 2011

rainy day

been a while since I posted. We've been quite busy lately - and I've been lazy about posting too. We've been doing a fair bit of running back and forth to Golden Lake area - Rick had a couple of buyers interested in waterfront properties.

We drove up this morning to Golden Lake to take a water sample - nice drive up, but started to rain on the way back. Good thing we got it out of the way this morning, because those cottage roads can be quite muddy now that they are thawing and a day's worth of rain won't make them any better!

In November the municipality up-graded the water lines in the townsite (we're told our montly water bill will be over $100 when all is said and done- nothin's free) anyway, they barely got the job finished before the snow came and now with the snow melted, you can see what a mess they left. Most houses here have a front lawn that is half lawn half mud. We're not so bad as we have a large front lawn and the mess is down near the road. Don't know if the contract to re-do the water lines included the clean -up afterwards. I suppose the rain will even out the rough spots and a couple of bags of grass seed will greatly improve things.

Jamie and Julie came up yesterday afternoon. Jamie put on his summer tires (he stores his off-season tires up here) and we had a very nice visit. They left around 6 p.m. - Jamie says driving at night is starting to bother him, so he is avoiding it if possible. I think they were heading over to Aylmer where Julie's parents have a cottage. They spent quite a bit of time there last year and plan to again this year too.

Today's picture are from Golden Lake - views from the cottage we looked at and a tree recently felled by a beaver.