Monday, July 18, 2011

it's been a while....

Haven't posted in a while - combination of being busy and lazy, I guess!

The power was out last night for about 12 hours. We go bored around 11 o'clock last night with no TV or internet - so we got out the Pony and drove in to Renfrew for a Timmy's tea. It was well after the storm and a beautiful night for a drive. It did start to rain on the way home and we had to pull over and put the top up - I think that's the first time that's happened!

We haven't really been up to much exciting - things are moving in the real estate world - always good! We held an Open House yesterday on a nice little place in Renfrew - only a few people through - too hot, I guess.

Thank goodness for A/C's - we've been running them fairly steady for the last week or so. We one of those portable A/C's last year, but didn't find it very efficient - when it stopped running a week or so ago, we happily consigned it to the boneyard (Rick's workshop) and went and bought a regular window unit which is working very well!

Kris continues to work on his garden - I cannot believe the effort he has put into it!

Today's pictures - Nibbles having a little "lean" against tree and the garden