Tuesday, August 21, 2012

not sure quite how this happened.....

Over the weekend Kris mentioned that there was a a stray kitten down at the shop.  He had been taking it food, but, he was worried about it.  So, then I started to worry about it and  Sunday morning (while Rick was at the Gun Show in Eganville) Kris brought her up to the house.

I'm guessing she's about 7 weeks old.  She's eating wet kitten food without any problems and appears to be quite healthy.  The fact that she's comfortable around people and that she was all by herself makes us think she either got lost OR she got dropped off.  And Kris might as well hang a sign around his neck saying "need a home?  call Kris" 

Anyway, she has settled in quite nicely (for those trying to keep count - this makes 5 cats) although the older cats are rather grumpy about the entire situation.  They run away from her - which just makes her chase them more!   Nibbles spent the morning sleeping in a tree.  Missy is pretty good around her - but then Missy was the "put-upon" cat, so she seems to be a bit more sympathetic to "new cat syndrome".  Buddy, on the other hand, feels that a serious mistake has been made and he's been sulking....a LOT.

To be honest we haven't actually named her yet.  I started calling her Baby (for obvious reasons) which has sort of become B-B which Rick says is dumb.  So, if anyone can think of a more appropriate name, feel free to pass it along. She's off to visit the vet tomorrow and it would be nice if she had a nice name.

As you can see, she a very cute little tabby cat - they just have the most beautiful faces, I think.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Is it just me????

Is it just me - or does this little leaf on our front lawn look exactly like a Ninja mouse....????  I see a mouse with his back arched and his nose pointing to the right.....    but might just be me.....

Last night, we stayed up late watching the closing ceremonies for the Olympics - we were really looking foward to the Who's performance at the very end.  However, at midnight, even though the ceremonies were still on-going, we found ourselves watching a dumb sitcom instead of the Who!!!!!!    Bell had cut off the final few moments of the ceremonies - quite possibly the BEST PART!!! to run the sitcom as usual.   How stupid was that????  

And, yet in a totally perverse switch-a-roo, earlier in the day, our friends, who have only a Bell Satellite dish, had to come over to our house to watch the NASCAR race with us, because the Olympics were on the channel they they usually watch the race on.  Now, I'm NOT saying the NASCAR race was more important....but if Bell felt the Olympics were important enough to pre-empt a regular Sunday NASCAR race, surely the Olympics were important enough to pre-empt 10 minutes of a stupid midnite  sitcom re-run!!!!!!   idiots!

Still, the good part of that story, is that we all watched the race together and had a nice impromptu visit as well!

Rick and I been low-carbing it lately.   I generally have one little ol' egg for breakfast which I do enjoy - so it was particularly depressing to read an acticle in the Citizen today that eating egg yolks can be as bad for you as smoking!!!   really???   Maybe I should give up the egg and take up smoking again. 

Here's a picture I took yesterday morning as we drove down a cottage road near Constant Lake - good thing we were going slowly...  those cottage roads can be tricky!

Back to the Olympic closing ceremonies that also featured the Spice girls - Rick quite cleverly has re-named them simply Old Spice -  no matter HOW much cosmetic surgery they've collectively had, they ain't girls any longer......

Monday, August 6, 2012

break in the weather

well, the hot weather has finally gone - for a while, hopefully. It was wonderful to turn off the a/c's last night and open the windows!!! Looks like it will be nice for the rest of the week - now, if we could only get a bit more rain.....   the lawns are looking pretty brown. 

We've been experiencing a rough patch with our Rogers internet connection.  About 2 months ago, we noticed a bit of a drop in the speed, but several times now, it has been completely unusable  -  just hangs up.  On Friday, I think I must have reset the hub and my lap top half a dozen times.  Saturday night our neighbour called asking about our service - he has the same Rogers hub that we do and he said his service was awful.  We also had a couple of "lost in cyber-space" texts lately.  So, I called Rogers (again) and while, they couldn't offer a solution, they did say they  would report a general problem in the Haley Station area - we'll see what happens.  All, I can say is that after this past 3 days with Rogers, I'd be tempted to go back to dial up - slow, but reliable!!!

We've been pretty quiet this weekend - had a few showings arranged, but later cancelled - so just chilling for the weekend.  Rick took advantage of the down-time to give the pellet stove a good cleaning - which involved disconnecting it and getting into the back of it.  He also made a couple of "modifications" which should allow him better access for future cleanings.  Disconnecting and pulling it out from the wall is a pretty big job.

We've been catching what we can of the Olympics - sort of hit and miss - it seems whenever I have time to watch, all I can find is soccer or basketball.

Today's picture is our cutie, Buddy - having a quick nap on the back of the couch.