Wednesday, March 21, 2012

mosquitoes - really!!!

I read somewhere that this unusually warm weather would perhaps kill off the mosquitoes this year - but I don't think so!  Last night I got two bites sitting in my living room.  Might be a first actually - mozzie bites in March.  

On the way home tonite (driving with windows down, of course) we heard the frogs "singing" in the swamp...I those froggies are gonna be surprised next week when it goes down to -8 at night!

It was actually warmer in Ottawa today than it was in Daytona Beach - that's something for all those snowbirds who go South for the warm weather! 

I know,  I know, it isn't going to last - I just checked the weather forecast and next week back to more seasonal temps.  But, the frost is out of the ground, lawns are raked so a few cold days will just be a "blip" in our Spring, I'm sure!

This afternoon while sitting in the living room enjoying the windows being open, I noticed a couple of piliated woodpeckers in one of the old poplar trees in the side yard.  The tree is quite hollow - I'm hoping they might nest there - but anyway, it was really neat to see them so close to the house - they really are quite a  large bird.

Things are really picking up in real estate too - listed a couple of places today - always nice! 

Today's pictures - our very own (sort of) Woody Woodpecker and a really cute little chippie hanging out in the same tree. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

lovely weather!!!

A busy enough weekend - yesterday into the office for appointments and Rick showed a house in Douglas - DOUBLAS of all the places to be on March 17th!!!!   He had bit of a time finding a place to park the car as the house he was showing isn't too far from the Douglas Tavern - well, it is Douglas - nothing is too far from the Tavern really.  Anyway, he said the village was hopping in usual St. Paddy's day tradition.

This is how nice and warm it is out this weekend:

 - Phil and Janet picked up their Rialta yesterday - now I would have sworn that they didn't get it until lat April last year, but checking back to my old emails, I see it was around the same time as last year!  But, I don't think it was nearly this warm.

- I've got windows open, the pellet stove and heaters are all OFF. 

- I actually hung some washing out this afternoon - now THAT is is early.  Even if it is warm, I generally can't get to the back yard to the clothe's line because of the snow - but it's all melted.  Frost is coming out of the ground!!!  my my!

We listed a small hobby farm near Foresters Falls Road which has kept us hopping with showings - lots of people want to look at it!  I don't mind being busy though!

Y'know, I've said it before and I'll say it again - it's unreal the crap we buy from China that really is CRAP!  Safety pins that won't go through fabric without bending!   Now cat food lids.  We bought a couple of new plastic cat food lids - they don't fit!  They are just  a smidge too small!  You put 'em on and they pop right off!!!!!   made in China, of course!   The out-let on my stove doesn't fit the kettle plug - it sticks out about a 1/4 of an inch yet BOTH were CSA approved - kettle - from China...... 

okay, that's it - pictures today are a neighbour out for a walk (shirtless) and Nibbles having a catnap on the back of the couch

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quiet week

There has not been much excitement in our lives this past week.  The weather's been up and down - we had a good bit of snow last Thursday and Friday, but nothing since then.  Yesterday and last night were both very cold, but it warmed up today and I think the rest of the week is going to be quite milf for this time of year. 

The other day my brother in law John emailed us a bunch of "you know you're a redneck if...." jokes and my favorite was an actual clipping from a newspaper quoting a lady as saying "she really liked shopping at the Dollar General store because it was casual and she didn't have to dress up like she was going to Wal-Mart!!!"  oh dear......  

I thought that was kind of funny and it dredged up a memory from my very early teens when they built a K-Mart store not far from our house on Hunt Club Road in Ottawa.  My mom, after a trip to K-Mart, was incredulous at the way women were appearing in public to shop!  She told me she'd seen women shopping in their house coats (remember those - short sleeved, garish colors and a zipper up the front???? - not quite a nightie but not quite a dress either....) and their hair in curlers!!!!   Of course, she was from the generation where a lady didn't leave the house unless she was properly dressed and fresh lipstick applied!  We've come a loooooooong way from THAT, haven't we? - But, I think that some days days we could use a bit of that old fashioned "check twice in the mirror before leaving the house" mind-set!  And  I don't just blame Dollar General and Wal-mart - I blame Spandex too!

I took today's pictures of the birds at the  bird feeder - they do fight over the suet thing! And Buddy wondering where all the birds have gone