Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm melting....

Warmish weather for this time of year - don't know what the temp was today, but the snow is certainly starting to melt.

I was out in Calabogie today to show a couple of houses. Nice day for a drive. Both nice little bungalows - both have potential. One was located on the Calabogie Creek, which runs into the Madawaska and the other one has access to the Madawaska - both priced under $130K. good buys!

Jamie says he wants to buy a place next year and either one of these would be perfect for him - but I think he would rather be in Carleton Place area as he has some friends there. We'll see next year - he's working in Barhaven right now, but that can always change. Jamie starts his Level 2 mechanics course tomorrow and says he is quite looking forward to it. He seems to really enjoy working on cars.

Congratulations to our Canadian hockey team who took gold this afternoon. Made my day!

Made it a better day really- I had been watching the NASCAR race and my favorite driver, Jeff Gordon, lead most of the race in Vegas, only to lose it in the final 10 laps to his evil team-mate, Jimmy Johnson!!! I told Jeff to take 4 tires on that last pit stop, but,, Jeff takes two (he NEVER listens to me!!) and he lost the lead to Jimmy who took 4 tires. Like I said, he NEVER EVER listens to me!

I must be an total optimist because every Sunday I watch the race and expect Jeff Gordon to win and every morning, I hop on my scales and expect to see that I've lost some weight. The reality is - Jeff rarely wins and I rarely lose.

Today's picture was one I took of Calabogie Creek when I was standing on the deck of one of the houses I was at today. As you can see, things are thawing nicely!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

shure is purdy out there!

We certainly are getting a lot of snow these days! It just looks like a winter wonderland! soooo pretty. Of course, I can say that because I don't have to clean the laneway! Good thing Rick got the snow-blower back in working order. He cleaned the laneway this afternoon and will probably have to do it again tomorrow. He also cleaned a neighbour's laneway as they are away for a couple of weeks (probably somewhere warm!)

I guess this is the time of year when people head South. I've never really felt motivated to go away - we're not really "vacation" people. I have to admit, though, when I read Shelley's blog and see the pictures she took during her visit to Beruit of fabulous, old castles and ancient ruins, I think how amazing it would be be there and actually be able to touch these things instead of just looking at pictures or watching the History Channel!

But (and it's a BIG "but") I don't fly and I'm not fond of boats & deep water either (nor elevators but that's another story) so my chances of getting to Beruit are damn slim. I did read somewhere that they are planning on building a bridge from Alaska to about 50 years. Of course, as Rick likes to point out, even if they had a bridge, after driving across it, we'd only be in Siberia and what good is THAT going to do!

Okay, I don't like elevators because I'm always afraid they will accelerate so fast, they will fly out the top of the building. Oddly enough, I don't mind the trip down so much, although I quite imagine there is more chance of it dropping like a stone, than flying out the top! And I don't mind if it is only going up a few floors - because (obviously) the elevator can't build up enough speed in a couple of floors to fly out the top, can it? Phobias don't have to make sense!

Today's picture is the winter wonderland outside our front door (and Buddy)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


after a week or so of being able to go out and about without winter boots, I was somewhat disappointed to see fresh snow on the ground this morning. So, since I had nothing pressing to do in the office, I opted to spend the day at home.

It has pretty well snowed all day, but fairly lightly - I figure a few inches of light snow at most. Rick went out and cleared the laneway. The snow-blower appears to be working well now - we just hope the welded axle holds. I'm still of a mind to consider selling it while it is running well and buying something new. But, Rick is of the opinion that, although old, our machine is much better built than any new blower on the market, so I guess we'll just hang on to it.

I've been fairly lazy today - surfing, sorting through some books & doing some laundry. And watching the history channel - always something interesting on it.

I'm off to Pembroke tomorrow for a real estate course on the effect of the new HST (harmonized sales tax) and in the afternoon a course on the Privacy Act. These are mandatory courses we are required to take regularly. I figure between these courses, dues, E &O insurance, MLS fees etc - it runs me about $3000 annually to retain my licence. Then there's gas & advertising.

I really notice it at this time of year when I am getting my paperwork ready for filing my income tax.

Don't know if I mentioned it in previous posts, but I am on the Dr. Atkins diet - have been for a month or so now. For those of you who don't know, this is a low/no carb diet. It's easy to follow - don't eat anything white (potatoes, bread, rice,pasta, sugar - all off limits) that's pretty well it!

The only exception being dairy products, and those in small amounts. So, it's easy to follow - no portions or measures required -but it is slow to get results. At the rate I am going, it will be Fall before I can eat a slice of bread! LOL. oh well, nothing worth doing is easy!

Today's picture is our Buddy - he really is the neatest cat! He has a funny little chirpy cry instead of a "meow" like most cats. But he was outside the other night when another cat showed up and they got into a bit of a "tiff" and turns out Buddy has a "big boy" voice after all!!! He can also climb VERY high. He went about 60 feet up one of the trees behind the house and took several hours to come back down.

Budyy quite likes the snow and spent much of this morning on the maple tree in our front yard checking out the bird-feeder.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well, we've been catching as much as the Olympics as we can - and following the many story lines - bad weather, bad officiating, bad Zamboni's, bad ice. Canada's not doing too well in some organizational point of view (not that we can control the weather) But, we're getting some medals, which is nice.

Had a nice long weekend - although not productive in real estate - 2 appointments made and 2 cancelled. Both of these were people who contacted me, wanted me to set up appointments to look at properties (on the weekend), and then both cancelled within 2 hours of the scheduled time. Then, of course, the seller's are rather annoyed having tidied up in preparation and made plans to be out for the showing. all in all, not fun!

However, it was a darn good weekend from a NASCAR point of view. Saturday, we caught the first Nationwide race - Danica Patrick was the big news - she did okay - nothing spectacular, but I'm sure she'll improve. I imagine Daytona is quite daunting. It was mentioned that she probably turned the steering wheel more on Saturday, than she has done in her entire career with Inda cars. The truck race was on in the evening & it was a good race as well.

And, of course, on Sunday we had the Daytona 500. I noticed there wasn't nearly the drafting there has been in past years. And the cars got quite spread out, also unusual for Daytona. Then the track got some potholes that took quite a while to fix. Still, it was first "real" race of the season and great to watch. Bill and Andrea came up for the afternoon - so good company, good race.

Last night a strange cat came up to the house - sending Nibbles to the rafters in the garage, Tigger up a tree in the front yard and Buddy high-tailed it to the bush. Kris found him up a tree - about 60 feet up a tree!!! Much calling and coaxing, but we finally left him alone and sent mom (Nibbles) out. Shortly after they both appeared at the door, so all is well.

Our snow-blower snapped an axel last week - sending Rick scrambling for a new part - which John Deere no longer makes. Even with John helping from Florida - no part was to be found. Deciding that having a new axel machined was too expensive, Rick had a local welder weld the axel back together - should hold - Graham's a good welder. But, after getting the the blower put back together, the muffler blew off. Fortunatley, a new muffler was easily obtained at a garage in Renfrew for $50.

then, to add to our mechanical woes, Kris's car wouldn't start this morning. Since he was parked behind my car, he had to use the truck to tow his out of the way. He and Rick figured it was either the fuel pump or ignition - both expensive to fix. However, Rick went on the internet and googled the problem and BINGO, had several helpful answers right away. Turns out it was a security problem and easily fixed by simply turning the key in the ignition and leaving like that for 10 minutes. wow - you can find out ANYTHING on the net!!!

So, all seems to be in order now - the car's starting, the blower's blowing and Buddy's inside & not up a tree!

Today's picture is from last summer - my brother, Phil, his grand-daugher, Solina Mae & grand-son, Wesley - it's a nice reminder of warm summer days, isn't it!

okay - I jusr realized how whiney my blog is tonight. sorry!

Friday, February 12, 2010


I'm watching the lighting of the external cauldron for the Olympics - which has come down to watching poor wayne gretzky being driving in the pouring freaking rain through vancouver. For heaven's sake didn't ANYONE realize it was raining/???? get the poor guy a hat!

Okay, thank god, he made it - bunch of drunken vancouverites slowing things down but the deed is done.

the ceremonies were okay - liked the light show and the guy flying through the air - but a bit dull in spots - K.D. Lang (whoops kdlang, I mean) has chunked up a bit, but still has an incredible voice. I still think the over-all impression given to anyone who doesn't know Canada is that were a bunch of fiddle-playing, first nations people that fly through the air! wheeee....

good nite!


What a way to start the 2010 Olympics!!! Really too bad about that luger - I am really surprised that those metal posts weren't padded - but hindsight is everything, isn't it?

And, of course, the protesters have to disrupt the torch run and plan to be at the opening ceremonies - oh good. And the weather sucks!!! I think they're importing snow from the Alps!!! hahaha

Not sure yet about the NASCAR truck race at Daytona tonite (first real race of the season unless you're counting the Bud-Shoot-out, the ARCA race, the Re/Max Toyota race & the Gatorade Duals!) but think they've got the dryers & blowers out on the trace & Daytona does have lights, so I'm hopeful the race will get underway.

Having a few friends up for the Daytona 500 on Sunday - can't wait. I am looking forward to the season even if my driver (Jeff Gordon) totally sucks! hey, it's NASCAR! I also pull for Marcos Ambrose (the Auzzie) Scott Speed, Carl Edwards & sometmes Tony Stewart & Greg Biffle

Tonite I plan on watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics and/or the truck race & enjoying the wonderful fire Rick made.

Today's picture - count the cats in the dining room!!! (of course, I don't condone or encourage them to lie on the dining room table, but....what are you gonna do???) It's okay, we rarely actually EAT at the table - we're grown-ups, we can eat any-freaking-where we want & we WANT to eat in the living room watching TV!!!)

cats are: Buddy (on the chair) Nibbles (on the table) Max (on the window ledge & spaced out on his happy pills) & if you can name them all, you're probably reading my blog too much! hahahaha

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

4 days to Daytona 500

Not that I'm counting or anything, but the Daytona 500 is in a few days and I can't wait. I'm in the office today, so I'm not watching the practice on TV, but I just saw on the NASCAR webpage that Jimmie Johnson (not my favorite driver) has wrecked and will have to use a back up car, so I'm happy!

Kris has managed to get his snow-mobile running...sort of. It's his latest acquisition. Our garage is running out of room for his stuff, though. Last week, a snow-mobile and a 5 foot long aquarium - both in the garage & BOTH take up a lot of space. He said he's going to build a shed next year to hold it all (of course, he doesn't consider getting rid of any of his stuff to be a possible solution) His bedroom is full, the spare room has a set of drums, a fooz ball table (without the legs) a huge "I'm gonna-be-gone-for-a-year", suitcase and other assorted items that he has brought home from the dump! I tell myself it is good for the environment to re-cycle but this is getting crazy!

We are still having some issues with Max, the spraying cat - he is on medication to make him, "relaxed, clear-thinking, less agitated" - basically my kinda pill - but it isn't 100 percent effective. Rick keeps saying his days are numbered, but we've been saying that for a while now. I guess one of us (& Rick always gets the nasty chores) will have to make the decision to have him put down. sigh....not looking forward to that.

Fingers crossed that we don't get any real snow for the next few days - our old snow-blower is out of commission with a broken axle and Rick hasn't been having much luck getting a new axel in spite of much help from John. However, this morning Rick dropped the axel off at a shop in Westmeath and if anyone can fix or make a new axle it's Graham, so I'm hoping the blower will be back in working order soon. Meanwhile, we're watching the weather quite carefully. Or, what the hell, we'll buy a 4 wheel drive truck and just keep the laneway packed down!!! LOL

Today's first picture is of Nibbles sitting in the laneway watching for Kris to come home. Just about every night around 5, she goes out to wait for Kris and she'll just sit there staring at the road until he comes home or she gets too cold. You can see Buddy is just coming into the picture at the right hand side and he is, of course, in the next shot. These two are really neat cats!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

high mileage!

Put lots of miles on the car this week. Trips up to Matawatchan on Saturday, up to Pembroke on Sunday and today up to Eganville. whew! And Revenue Canada doesn't believe my mileage claim!! They should try rural real estate!!

The weather has been okay - cold on Monday (but to be expected at this time of year) and warming up a bit as the week goes on.

I would hazard a guess that the snowmobile season has been a complete bust this year. I don't believe the trails have even been opened - not enough snow to groom them. I guess that is why 4-wheelers are so popular - you can run them all year round. And there sure are a lot of them around!

Good news! Lizards can lay eggs!!! who knew?? Kris is quite excited about the fact that his little (and amazingly stinky) amole lizards have laid a couple of eggs. He doesn't think they will hatch because it isn't warm enough in the cage. Personally, I think they won't hatch because the lizards will eat 'em.

Todays pictures are all about amoles (see if you can spot the egg - it's small!! - for THAT matter see if you can spot the amoles - they're pretty darn small too!!!)