Thursday, July 26, 2012's been a while....

It HAS been a while since I posted here - just lazy I guess.  Once I sort of get out of the routine, hard to get going again!

Anyway, summer is certainly moving right along!  August is nearly here and hopefully will bring a bit more rain than July did.  I don't think Rick has cut the lawn in a month!!!  We've got a large patch of white wild flowers, that I have not cut either -  I'm not sure the neighbouts approve - but they are much prettier than burnt, brown grass!   We've also planted some trees in the front lawn this year - just ones we got from the bush, but I think they will do well. 

We drove through the village of Calabogie today and heard lots of generators going.  The damage from Monday's storm was quite evident with downed trees eveywhere.  Many trees already cut and pushed off to the side of the road to be dealt with later but still lots leaning against the lines.    Didn't see too much in property damage, but I'm sure there are lots of houses with some damage.  Clean up will take a long time, I'm imagine.  In the Ashdad area, there were still hydro poles down and lines lieing across the roads.    Lots of clean up crews around.

We are keeping busy with real estate - our weekends are particularly busy.   Don't think we have much on the go tomorrow, though, so might take a drive into Ottawa. We're running low on Costo "must-haves".  Costco is the only store we have found that sells 1-ply toilet paper - which is what one should use when on a septic system.   We are pretty selective with our purchases  - easy to buy more than you need.

Today's pictures came from our drive to Calabogie - you can see what a mess the storm made.