Wednesday, January 15, 2014

its been a while

well, it's been literally MONTHS since I've blogged here - just got out of the habit I suppose. 

nothing terribly new - still have all 6 cats - Tigger, Missy, Nibbles, Buddy, Lucy and Allie (Allie being our rescue from this time last winter) 

Allie's really come a long way in a year.  Once she got in the house last year, she really didn't go out until the warm weather and even now, she doesn't go far from the house or stay out long.  One day this Fall, we left her outside and went out for the afternoon - when we got home, she was in a panic and she raced up to Kris' room and didn't come down until the next day.  We haven't done that again!

Christmas was great - Jamie and Julie came up with some lovely gifts and we had a super day.  Kris really surprised Rick with a very nice pellet rifle for Christmas - I never really like guns and ammunition at Christmas, but seems to have worked its way into the day.  Everything's coming up camo, these days.

Jamie and Julie have acquired a new cat to be friends with Julie's elderly cat, Maggie.  Apparently on Christmas Eve, Julie's parents (who have 8 cats - they're crazier than we are.....)  found a cat in their carport - it was minus 25 or something and the poor thing was half frozen and starving.  Of course, they brought her in and fed her and two days later took her into the vets for a checkup.  She as frostbite in one ear and some other issues, but seems to be getting better and has taken up her new life in Jamie and Julie's apartment - lucky cat!!! 

Real  estate is picking up after a quiet December - I always say, we could practically shut our cell phones off in December (maybe one year we will!!!) but they're ringing once again - out showing a house today and listed several last week - so starting off to be a busy year.

Hope all is well with everyone and will try to update more often!!   HAPPY NEW YEAR!

yes, we're still feeding the deer
apparently turkeys like the same food - who knew????