Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween!!!

Wow - November 1st!! already!  This year seems to have gone fast - cant believe the last time I how long ago since I posted - will try to do better this year!

A rather disappointing Halloween in our area.  In spite of pretty good weather, we only had 5 kiddies around.  When we first moved out here we got upwards of 80 kids.  And the whole townsite was lit up - almost everyone decorated their house.  A lot of the rural kids would  come here because the houses were close together. it was great!  This year hardly anyone did more than put out a pumpkin.  And I think over  half just went out or turned out the lights. 

Meanwhile - I have a bucket full of chocolate bars and a giant box of chips - oh whatever will I do with all those treats????  lol

But, we did have a lovely thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago - Jamie and Julie made it out and Kris and his girlfriend Melissa and her daughter came too.  They brought their new puppy Zoe - who was as good as gold.  We had and  great dinner - I like preparing everything except the turkey the day before, so lots of time for visiting and having a glass or two of wine. 

We  have come to the conclusion that our cat, Buddy, isn't coming home.  We put him out last Friday morning (a week ago) and have not seen him since.  We've looked and looked - Rick's walked the bush a dozen times without a sign of him.  There are some fisher trails in the swampy area and fishers can be nasty.  It makes me worried for Lucy who does go out wandering all day- but the other 4 ladies rarely go more than 50 feet from the house, so they're probably okay.  And Lucy's mean as a snake, so hopefully she can take care of herself.

Looking forward to this Friday, though - Phil and Janet are coming out to tuck away the Rialta for the winter.  It'll be good to see them!

pictures of our cheesily decorated Halloween house!   BOO!