Sunday, September 16, 2012

banner day!

what a lovely day - weather wise!!!  started out cool but warmed up nicely by mid-afternoon.  Good laundry day!

Rick and Kris played lumberjack this morning and went into the bush behind the house to cut up some fallen trees.  Most of the trees on our property are quite old and every now and then the wind will take one down.  We don't burn a lot of wood in our fireplace, but this time of year is a nice time for the odd fire in the evening.  They managed to get about a half cord of wood in a couple of hours.  A few more sessions like today and we'll have enough for the winter.   Kris did manage to get stung by a wasp - in his ear, which is quite painful, apparently - I wouldn't know - I've never had one sting me there

Quiet weekend for us for real estate - well, quiet in that we didn't have any showings for ourselves, but several showings booked on our properties for other agents.  Last week we listed a very nice little bungalow on the edge of town that is generating a lot of activity. 

Jamie just texted me that he was at the Gatineau Air show all day - and said it was AWESOME!!!  They needed volunteers, so he offered and said he had a great day getting close to the planes.  I think he would love to fly if he could.

The newest member of our feline family is settling in nicely - amazing how quickly and easily cats/kittens adapt to new surroundings.  She keeps the other ones on their toes - her favorite amusement is chasing them around - this may NOT be their favorite game, though.  She's out a lot during the day, but never goes far from the house - at least not yet!   And, with the exception of one or two minor mishaps, she has the litter box thing down perfectly. 

Today's picture is Kira (that's the name we finally settled on) waking up from a nap on a pillow that used to be Nibbles's pillow  -  she's very cute