Friday, November 26, 2010

Grey day!!

It was one of those "grey" days today. The skies were grey all day as it either drizzled or tried to snow. And, of course, the snow on the ground was dirty - not a pretty day at all - typical November I guess.

We had a nice weekend last weekend with Bill and Andrea coming up for the final race of the year. Unfortunately Jimmie Johnson won the championship (again- 5 times in a row) none of us wanted him to win - Andrea is a Carl Edwards fan, Rick was sort of rooting for Kevin Harvick and Bill and I are always for Jeff Gordon who has 4 championships to his name bus has done nothing noteworthy lately. I did read that Jeff is getting a new crew chief next year and hopefully that will help him win a few races before he retires.

Bill and Andrea are already talking about going to Daytona for the start of the 2012 season - they would like us to go, but I can't commit that far in advance.

I think this weekend we'll get some of our Christmas stuff out - I've got a few things out already, but haven't done the tree or any real decorating yet. One advantage of an artificial tree is being able to put it up early and enjoy it longer.

I can't say I've started any Christmas shopping yet - picked up a few small items - but it's time to make the effort. One advantage of my "job" is that I don't have to shop on the weekends, I can go anytime I darn well please......and yet, I still seem wind up at Wal-Mart on Saturday afternoon fighting the crowds.

Rick is debating whether or not to make his nuts and bolts this year. Everybody likes them (especially Jamie) but they are AWFUL for Rick cholesterol and they are one of those salty snacks that are very addictive. I told him to make a half batch, not eat ANY until Christmas and give a bunch of bottles away as gifts. yeah, that'll work!

Real estate is fairly quiet - typical for this time of year. I do have several deals closing over the next few weeks, which will carry me into the new year. Here's hoping we have a very busy 2011!!!!
Here's a picture of Nibbles in all her Christmas finery! How Christmasy is THAT!!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Not sure why - but today seemed to be the coldest day yet! We were up to Eganville today - still trying to get that office back up to full operation - but is a tough go. I bailed at 2:30 as we had stuff to do in Renfrew.

Jamie and Julie were up last weekend - they were very up beat about the apartment they have rented in Ottawa. Jamie seems very excited although he's been away from home for 9 years or so. I guess he's always shared a place with other people and this is really his first apartment where it is just him (and Julie, of course) but no room-mates. I understand he is glad to be getting out of his current place. They move in December 1st and I think Rick and I will go in with the truck to help with the move. I believe a lot of his workshop stuff will be coming out here - sigh!

We're getting kind of full here what with Kris bringing home "sparklies" that he picks up. This week he has brought home a used woodstove (missing a leg), a used electric guitar (minus the pick-up and strings), a ceramic christmas village set (still in the box) We're going to need a storage unit soon!! Can you say hoarders???

tomorrow (Saturday) I'm showing a couple of houses and Sunday Bill and Andrea are up for the last NASCAR race of the year! wow - where did the year go????? Guess it's time to get the Christmas stuff out - might as well start with my new village set...
today's picture is of Nibbles having nice little nap on the back of the couch

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Much running around today - I had the second stage of my crown done today (no...not a Princess crown - a crown on my back tooth) It feels funny, but I guess I'll get used to it. After that I headed up to Eganville where I had office duty for the day. But just after I got there, I got a call from some clients who wanted to look at some houses in the afternoon - so, I closed up the Eganville office and drove back to Renfrew for the showings.

I can't say that I mind driving up to Eganville - but most of my clients are in the Renfrew area, so I wind up spending a day in Eganville and then playing catch up back in Renfrew the next day. Or driving back and forth. Oh well, rural real estate involves a LOT of driving.

The township is finally getting to work on the expensive upgrade to our water system here at home. Cats are a little freaked out at all the activity up and down the street. Buddy doesn't seem to mind - but the "ladies" are not going out during the day - they mostly line up on the back of the couch and watch the men working.

Today's picture - water works!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010


there could be many titles for this picture of Phil and Janet's Rialta....

"Can't they put Spandex in these things???" or "I shouldn't have eaten that second piece of cake!!!!" or "Take that back and bring me a REAL size 8!!!!!" or what about "book me into the gym, Danno!!!"

hahaha - I know just how Rialta feels!! & I bet ya'll do too!

Had a great weekend - Phil and Janet and Janet's mom, Betty were up yesterday to tuck their RV in for the winter. Pam and Terry came up from their son, John's house in Ottawa to prepare to head out today. So we had a lovely dinner together - even Kris came home early from hunting. A nice day.

Pam and Terry were kind enough to wait until I got up this morning to say good-bye as they pulled up stakes to head South in their RV for the winter. I really enjoyed seeing them and soooooooooo happy they are back in Ontario for their summers as I really missed them when they used to "live" in BC.

Rick is doing a commute from Ottawa these days - he's in the final stretch of his course and has to drive into Woodward Avenue 4 days a week. Next week will be the end - good thing, he's really not enjoying the 1 plus hour commute again!

Friday, November 5, 2010

it's been a while...

can't believe it's been sooooooooooo long since I posted - been busy & a bit lazy too!!!

Well, it's hunting season in Renfrew - which means the town sort of shuts down. I don't have anything against people killing Bambi's but we have small municipal offices with a lot of "one of''s" and when they aren't around things can simply grind to a halt and no body seems to see this as an issue....except me!!! oh well...

Last Thursday Pam and Terry arrived from Sudbury in their RV. We had a lovely nice long visit over the weekend until the left (sans RV) to stay at their son's house in Ottawa for a week. I expect them back on Sunday for a last hug and chat and then they're off to winter in Florida. Generally, they head to Arizona, but this year they are staying on the East Coast. I look forward to seeing them again in the Spring and although, I know they liked the West Coast, I admit I'm thrilled to see them on a somewhat regular basis now that they are based back in Ontario!

Jamie and girlfriend Julie have rented a 1 bedroom apartment in the Carling and Kirkwood area and will move in Dec. 1st. I'm expecting a load of "stuff" from Jamie who has been sharing a house with friends and has accumulated a ton of workshop equipment & tools that will have no place in the apartment. I'm sure we'll find room for it.

Tomorrow is "sign day" - I have several houses that I have to take the signs off of, some sold signs to put up (my favorite) and some lock-boxes to reclaim. We will head from here to Renfrew to Eganville to Matawatchan, Calabogie and that will bring us full circle back to Renfrew. A quick stop at the grocery store and home. At least that's the plan far.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cool but sunny- not a bad day for a long drive. We've had a couple of nasty wintery days this week. Halloween wasn't very nice and we only had about 25 kids. That's about half what we usually get and a far cry from the 75 - 80 we got many years ago.

Looking forward soooo much to Sunday when Phil and Janet are coming up with their Rialta camper to tuck away for the winter. Can't wait to see them!

today's pictures - A couple of snowy Halloween pumpkins (Kris carved them, of course) it was so windy, Rick put light bulbs in them instead of candles.