Thursday, April 22, 2010

We're sickies

Once again, a nasty end-of-season cold has blind-sided us. Feeling fine one day, lousy the next day! I'm sicker than Rick, who isn't 100% sure he's getting it, he might have just been over-doing the outdoor work yesterday causing him to feel tired and achy. I, on the other hand, can say, without a doubt, that I have a cold - sore throat, achy muscles, stuffy head and a cough. this sucks!

Kris's lizards have been busy - as in procreating! We have a new baby lizard about 1 inch long - I'd take a picture, but Kris was worried the flash would blind him, cuz he's so tiny. Can you imagine, a 1 inch long, BLIND baby lizard? Only Kris would be concerned - me? not so much.....

Anyway, for those interested, the baby cannot eat the live crickets, who are, of course, bigger than he is - so he must be fed baby food or wingless flies (??? - if they're wingless, how can they be flies???) However, no wingless flies to be had at the local pet shop, wingless flies are a special order (no, duh!!!) - I think we'll manage with the baby food. He's so tiny, Rick thought of putting a bit of baby food on a toothpick, but we were afraid of skewering the poor little fellow, so we're going to let Kris handle the feedings for now.

Last night Rick went up (as he generally does) to shut off the lights in the lizard home, this tells them it's time to sleep (btw, I can't tell the difference between an awake one and sleeping one....) anyway, the lights also keep the home warm and Kris was quite upset to come home late last nite and find the baby damn near frozen. again, me? not so much....

Weather-wise it is quite cold today compared to earlier in the week when it was bare feet and "scandals" - back to shoes and socks today, although I do see some brave souls out in shorts and sandals!

no new pictures today - but I change my blogger picture to one of Buddy! He's VERY cute.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

miles and miles

I've certainly been running the roads a LOT for the last week or so. probably put 400 - 500 kms at least! I've been to Calabogie several times and then Foymount (up near Eganville) on Friday. Yesterday, I looked at a place near Centennial Lake (Calagobie/Griffith area) In fact, I've been sooooo busy, I had to go online to find out where the race is this weekend (Texas, in case anyone else is wondering!)

On Friday, Rick was off to Pakenham for his annual "Mitel" golf tournament - but the weather was so miserable, that after a few holes in the pouring rain they decided to call it a day (a BAD day) and since sitting around in the bar in wet clothing didn't appeal, Rick simply packed it in and came home. I hope he will get back for another game, though - the club did give them a club credit - so he might as well use it!

Kris gets the sutures on his leg out tomorrow - the area around the sutures started to get infected and he went in the emergency Friday night hoping to get them taken out a bit early but the doctor on emerg. was reluctant to remove Dr. Miller's handiwork and put him on antibiotics instead. I'm sure he'll be happy to finally get them taken out tomorrow morning.

I spoke to Jamie yesterday - he only has one week left in his course and is quite confident he'll come out with a very comfortable pass. He does continue to work part-time - he banks his hours until he is back to work full-time and then gets a nice pay cheque! Also, the government sends him a cheque for $1000 when he passes each level, so that helps him out as well.

I'm quite looking forward to this coming weekend when our very good friends (and ex-neighbours) are coming for a visit for. We don't get to see Pam and Terry very often, so I can't wait to see them.

I hear it's raining today in Texas - sure hope it stops in time for the race!

today's picture is of Calabogie Ski Peaks - look! there's still snow on the hills!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


After a nice stretch of very un-seasonably warm weather, we are now experiencing a bit of more typical weather. Cold and wet - typical April. But due to warm up for the weekend.

I'm actually working a Home Show this weekend, Century 21 has a booth this year, so I'm really hoping for lousy weather (and, no, not because I have to work!!!) because cold, rainy weather sends people indoors (ie the Home show) whereas nice warm sunny days will have everyone landscaping their yards!

Jamie was up for Easter Sunday - nice to see him. His grades continue to be very good and he still seems really into this auto-mechanics course. When he finishes this semester, he should have his Level 2. He plans to simply work a while with his level 2, save some money, and then take his level 3 course in January 2011. In the mean-time, I think he might start watching for a job in a high-performance garage - which is his preference. You mainly do a basic stuff at Canadian Tire - brakes, tires, oil changes etc.

Oh yeah, Kris got a nasty cut on his leg over the weekend. he was on a friend's 4-wheeler on Saturday evening, when he managed to flip it over and in the process caught his leg on the un-covered handle-bar which resulted in a nice long gash requiring 17 stitches to close. He's hobbling around on a cane (when he brought the cane home from the dump last summer, I did wonder at it's use fullness - little did I know.....) anyway, he can't really work or do much - which means he is totally bored and unhappy. And when Kris isn't happy - NOBODY'S happy. It'll be good when he can return to work (next week maybe....?????)

Today's picture is from Easter Sunday - the "boyz" bonding in the living room (bonding means Jamie calling Kris a pansy for using a cane, stupid for flipping the 4-wheeler and Kris retaliating much the same way - oh those boys!)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

what a day!

Hard to believe, but it was warmner here today than it was in Florida! Warm enough for us to break out the Pony and go for a long drive! In fact, Rick un-cloaked the Mustang yesterday (when it was actually warmer than it was today) and we went for two very long drives. First to Calabogie to put up a sign on a house I listed last week) then just a cruise up to Pembroke and back!

This morning we made a quick run into Renfrew for some groceries & easter treats. Man the stores were CROWDED - parking lots packed! I haven't seen the Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire lots so full since Christmas. Anyway, due to crowds, we didn't get in and out of the stores as fast as we wanted, but we weren't in a rush.

Tonight just before it got dark, we went for another spin - just cuz its fun!

I don't think it is going to be as warm tomorrow, but still in the 20's. I could get used to this weather!

Today's picture - Rick in the Pony (notice no snow in sight)