Wednesday, April 18, 2012

nothing new

I apologize for being soooooooooooo darn lazy about blogging - there really hasn't been much exciting going on lately. 
Real estate remains busy enough - listed several properties in the past several weeks.  Doing some showings and pretty well keeping busy in that respect.

Weather is, for the most part, fabulous - mostly warm days - Monday was a day to break out sandals!  Just about time to get the winter coats and clothes cleaned and tucked away.   Rick took the snow tires off the car on the weekend - I sure don't miss the "humming" noise winter tires make on the pavement.  Rick had been saying since mid March, that we could still expect a major dump of snow, but really, since we had those unseasonably warm days in March, there has been no snow to speak of.

Kris finally sold his old Alero - good thing - because we have to make room for Jamie's VW Golf, which he is retiring in the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully, he won't take all summer to strip if of any valuable parts and then get it to the junk yard! 

Rick's also been getting the lawn tractor ready for the summer - as well, he has the other tractor with the blower on it to clean up - it was in pretty rough shape when he bought it in the winter but there wasn't time to do any work on it.  A summer project.  Then there is the pellet mill for making our own pellets that needs re-furbishing.  Not to mention trying to figure just how one makes pellets.....  Another summer project

On that note - I would say our pellet stove saved us a ton of electricity over the winter - the electric heaters were hardly used at all and the house was never warmer.  All in all, I would have to say installing it was a"good thing" (sorry, I'm watching too much Martha Stewart)

Todays picture - Buddy and Nibbles having a nap on their pillow