Monday, August 15, 2011

nothing much new

it's been a quiet month - nothing too exciting going on. We're busy - but as I said nothing too exciting to report. We've got some listings up in the Eganville/Golden Lake area so we are doing a fair bit of driving lately. Yesterday saw us in Eganville at 9 a.m. to show a couple of houses then home for the afternoon and back again to present a couple of offers around 7 last night. Like I said a fair bit of driving!

Kris bought me an aquarium a few months ago and we've had some trouble keeping the fish alive - we finally settled with a sucker fish of some kind and a Beta. Beta's actually have the most personality of all the fish we've ever had. "Sushi" always swims right over to check out Buddy (the cat) when Buddy hops up for a drink.

We haven't see Jamie and Julie this summer - they're busy "cat sitting" Julie's parents 6 or 7 cats! Julie's parents have gone to their cottage for a month or two and it is easiest to leave their cats at home. I hope to see them up soon, though.

We were all set to watch the race at Watkin's Glen yesterday afternoon but it was rained out. Fortunately, we have nothing on the go until later this afternoon so we're watching it now - seems odd to watch it on a Monday morning!

well, that's all for now, folks - just thought I would let everyone know we're alive and well - haha!

Today's picture is a bit of nostalgia. Growing up, we always decorated our mantle at Christmas with a cardboard coach and horses that I loved to set up. Long gone, of course, but, over the last few years, I've searched the net for the coach and horses set under vintage christmas decorations - I figured someone might have one around. I found this picture and although our horses were different, this coach and people is the same - it is made by Hallmark (of course) and I'll keep an eye on ebay this christmas to see if I can pick one up for myself