Sunday, October 10, 2010

a day for a drive!

Today we went for a nice long drive up to the village of Foymount. Foymount is like the highest point in Southern Ontario or something like that! It was used as a radio base in WWII and for the last 15 years has been the main location for Blackwater sports wear. Blackwater was one of the first to design clothing with Gortex. They always had a huge sale in September that was a big draw for the sports crowd.
Well, Blackwater bit the dust a couple of weeks ago - their clothing line is now manufactured off shore - like everything else. Foymount is now often described as a modern day ghost town. Although, we saw plenty of signs of life as far as people living there. The old military barracks are pretty run down but the houses look lived in.
Obviously the views are absolutely incredible!! My camera certainly didn't do it justice - but I try! Leaving Foymount we headed up to Pembroke to pick up a couple of Christmas presents - never toooooo early to start shopping, y'know.
Jamie and his girlfriend Julie were up yesterday for dinner. Since they were having turkey at Julie's parents today, we opted for prime rib - which was okay - but not nearly as good as what you get in a restaurant. Still a nice dinner was had by all and always good to seem them.
It's been a really nice Thanksgiving weekend weather wise. I'm showing a couple of houses in Calabogie tomorrow - hopefully it will be sunny and warm again - maybe we ca even take the Pony!
Today's pictures taken along the road to Foymount and up in Foymount overlooking the valley

Friday, October 1, 2010

up to Eganville!

Not the best weather - typical Fall weather - cool and rainy.

Rick and I were up in our Eganville office yesterday and today. There has always been a satellite office in Eganville - and up until last year there were from 2 - 4 agents up there. It was a very successful office, too until the wheels fell off the cart last year.

There was enough drama in that one little office for a bad reality show! One by one the agents and staff quit until there was only one agent left and she's mostly in Toronto these days.

So, there was this very nice, but very empty office in Eganville - all recently renovated - and I figured we should take advantage of it. Each agent in our Renfrew office will take a turn in the Eganville office and see if we can't drum up some business. It is a nice change of pace actually!

And a very pretty drive up there too! Would be better if there wasn't all kinds of road construction! Oh well, it's got to be done, right?

Looking forward to the weekend - Bill and Andrea coming up for the NASCAR race on Sunday - that should be a fun afternoon. Andrea likes a fire and we have LOTS of wood for what promises to be a chilly day!

Today's picture is the nice big office in Eganville and the lovely view from the.