Sunday, August 30, 2009

Can this be August????

Well this is my first post in a couple of days - now that Rick has "outed" my blog, the pressure is on to post SOMETHING every day. But I sometimes forget

Today was another busy real estate day - showing a house up in Mt. St. Patrick, putting a for sale sign on a lot I listed on River Road and stopping in the office to pick up an offer. Rick and I finally got back home just in time for the NASCAR race this afternoon

It actually feels like Fall today with the cool weather and the constant rain. It didn't look so nasty when we started out this morning - I had sunglasses on - but by the time we got home, the house was quite cool. But, instead of turning on the heat, Rick got a nice fire going in the fireplace which we are still enjoying into the evening. Hard to believe - a fire in AUGUST!!!

According to the weather forecast, it should be nice for the rest of the week though. Good thing 'cause I'm not ready to put away my sandals just yet!!!

My picture today is Jamie and Kris from this summer when Jamie came up for a week. Jamie has his first day at Algonquin tomorrow in the Automotive Technician course - he's been quite looking forward to it - and confident he will enjoy it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Renovations continue...

A fairly quiet day - Rick continues to prep a bedroom for painting. He has sanded and finished the hardwood floor - which looks really good and has patched & sanded the walls (many holes from years of the boys hanging posters on the walls!!) and next comes the FUN part - picking a COLOUR to paint the room! A trip to Home Hardware is in order with much discussion in the paint department. I should mention, Rick and I don't have much luck picking good colours so fingers crossed that we make the right choice and don't have to re-paint.

I headed into the office early this morning (early being 10 a.m.) to get my weekly ad ready for the paper. Then a quick showing at a very nice house just outside of town late this afternoon. We took the Mustang, but top was up!

A cool night last night was a reminder to get our supply of wood ordered. I know our fireplace isn't efficient, but I love having a fire anyway.

Todays picture is of Buddy (grey) and his mother Nibbles (white & calico coloured) They are the two youngest of our cats and quite fun - for some reason, Buddy can't meow - his cry is basically a squeak - oh well, maybe he'll get a manly voice as he gets older. Nibbles' "wide awake" eyes tell the tale - she is an extremely busy cat.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A day in Griffith

Today saw Rick and I up to Griffith - about 40 minutes from our house. Nice drive would have been a good day for the Pony, but we opted to take our old GM pick-up truck as we knew we would be on a long stretch of dirt "cottage" roads. I have listed several lots on the Madawaska River and I wanted to check my signs and talk to the seller who lives up there but has know phone.

A nice outing and Rick took some pictures of the Madawaska River.

Other picture is out cat, Missy - how does she breathe???????

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Out for a drive

Day well spent getting our satellite dish under control - involving Rick on the ladder to reach the dish and me in the living room watching the signal. This chore was made soooooooo much easier with the use of walkie talkies. Last time we tried to get the dish lined up, we were yelling back and forth. Didn't really think we would ever have any use for those walkie talkies - who knew? thanks, Jamie for giving them to us!!

Quick jaunt into the office to check office e-mails, load some pictures on the MLS and make a few calls. Given the beautiful weather (warm, but not crazy hot and humid) Rick and I took the Pony up to Westmeath for a nice long drive. I had to preview a cottage up there and also had to check on a property I have listed on the Ottawa River.

I've been closely following my niece's blog lately - she is on her way (or might be there by now) to Aubi Daubi to teach (not sure of the correct spelling - I actually pronouce it Abbi-dabbi) I'm anxious to know how her flight was and hear about her travels.

Pictures today are from our drive to the Westmeath area - I gotta watch out for those hydro lines!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Whew! It is HOT out there! I just got back from showing a 200 acre farm! No, I didn't walk the 200 acres, but even walking halfway to the back of it was was quite an effort! no bugs, though. And at least the showing was an excuse to take the "Pony" out for a drive.

We spent most of the day waiting around for a service call from the Bell satellite people. Rick was trying to move our old Bell dish but couldn't seem to get it lined up right to get any reception. After several attempts he put in a service call- the problem was a rather large branch. Rick and the service men quickly took care of the branch and we immediately had perfect reception!

I do hate having to cut off part of tree to watch TV - but, well.... the deed is done, I'm sure I'll get over it!!

I'm not having any luck adding a picture to my blog tonite - might be dial up connection - I'll try again tomorrow

Friday, August 14, 2009

some weather, eh???

Another VERY warm day -30 plus with high humidity. I must admit I prefer the mid 20's for the ideal temp.

They say hot weather is supposed to kill off the mosquitos - I can only hope - but, I guarantee you, if even ONE mosquito is left standing, it will find me like a heat-seeking missle!

I spent a busy day in the office today- Friday is ad day - the day I get my listings organized to go into the weekly newspaper. Funny, before I ever got into real estate, I used to read property descriptions and think "I can do waaaaay better than THAT" - but when faced with the task of trying to come up with new descriptions to keep the ads fresh, it is more difficult than one might think.

Last night Rick and I went out to Mt. St. Patrick to list a lovely old log home on a huge parcel of land - hard to imagine crowded cities are only an hour away when one is standing in the middle of 200 acres of bush! We had a very nice drive there and back in the Mustang - top down all the way!!!!

Rick continues to work on the house - his latest project is Kris's old bedroom - which is getting the carpet taken out and hardwood floors sanded and re-finished and of course, the walls painted - should look good when they are finished.

Today's picture - an "antique" - a bedside table John made in highschool shop class many, MANY years ago. It still looks good and Kris is currently using it in his bedroom. and a picture of Jamie and Kris

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I plan to update my blog several times a week - I don't think I can manage every day as does my brother-in-law, John, whose blog was the inspiration for my own.
John' also posts his blog incredibly early - does anyone actually gets up at 5 a.m.??? I quite imagine I will post near the end of the day.
So, bear with me as I enter a new phase of internet usage
First blog!
Today, being one of the first days with no rain in the forecast, seemed like a good day to take off in the Mustang for a nice drive with the top down. We went up to Pembroke for a quick stop in Home Depot (Rick got a new sander) and then on to Eganville through to Renfrew for a quick stop at Wal-Mart for cat-food and then home. Nice drive - nice day. A/C's went one when we got home!
When we got home Rick tried out his sander and pronounced it a "good buy" at $139!! Having pretty well wrapped up a home reno project of a spare bedroom and ensuite, Rick is now tackling Kris's old bedroom (Kris having moved into the newly reno-ed spare room) This will involve lifting the carpet (of unknown age) and re-finishing the original hardwood floors and then the requisite painting of the walls. Should not take as long as the last room as there is no ensuite - but the room is quite large and most of Kris's "stuff" is still in it!
Today's picture is of 3 of our 5 cats - very unusual to see 3 together as they really don't get along! Max is the large tabby on the left, Tigger the long hair grey & white on the right and one of our newest cats, Nibbles in the front. Nibbles is by far the busiest cat we've ever had and also "talks" more than any of the others. (and YES, they are lieing on the dining room table - I've talked to them about that, but they don't seem to listen!!!)