Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter cool

Well, we had some snow a few days ago and lo and behold - it stayed!!!  Snow in November hasn't really stuck around for the past few years - maybe this year will be different!  I guess the ground is frozen now.

I tried hanging out some laundry today, but it didn't really dry and wound up half way across the yard - that may be my last attempt at hanging my laundry out.  Once we get serious snow, I can't really get to my clothesline anyway.  Anyway, now that we have our pellet stove going, I can dry clothes on a rack in about 2 hours.

Had a couple of busy weeks in real estate - but things seem to have settled down.  As usual inventory is low - Rick and I have sold many of our own listings, so our inventory is particularly low!!  But little will happen until the new year - its always quiet this time of year.  First hunting season, then Christmas!

We're looking forward to seeing our "ex" neighbours, Pam and Terry Ellott, who are stopping in for a couple of days on their way from Ottawa to Elliot Lake.  We always look forward to seeing them!

We decided today to partially decorate the house - no trees or village yet - but we did go through some of our boxes and put out some things - makes it feel all Christmas-y.

Pictures today are of the living room - all "tarted" up with Christmas clutter (I like it) and the cats having a discussion as to who gets to sit on the back of the couch.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cold and DARK!!!

A very cool day today and pretty DARK by 5 o'clock since we set the clocks back last night.  Will take some getting used to - again!   Can't say that I mind this time of year - I've always liked Fall, and now that we're not really getting snow much in November, I like it right through to December.  In fact, I hung my laundry out today and it actually dried okay.  I'll hang it out until I can't get through the snow to the clothesline.

Rick had a busy enough weekend - he went out to take a look at the Eganville Gun Club facilities yesterday morning and then was showing a farm out that way in the afternoon.  I worked from home - with fax and email - and let Rick to the running around.

Well our NASCAR season is winding down and it looks like Jimmie Johnson is heading for the Championship - AGAIN!!  We're all a little sick of Jimmie, I think.  And we really don't find the races as exciting as they used to be a few years ago and  don't really know why.

It is 3 weeks since my Carpal Tunnel surgery and my hand feels great - no more tingling, numbness or shooting pains - but I still have all my disolvable stitches  - which don't seem to be disolving at all - Rick's offered to pull them out, but live in hope they will just go away.  Guess at some point I'll have to take them out - they can't stay there forever - I just don't like pulling at them....

The back of our couch that the cats have "smooshed" down is a particular favorite spot as you can see by today's pictures.