Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Guess it takes a walk around the block on a Halloween evening to see how "old" the neighbourhood is getting!!!

When Kris and Jamie were small, almost all the houses in the area were decorated for Halloween and handing out treats.  A quick scan of the street tonite showed only about a third of the houses lit up.  Funny how neighbourhoods "age".   While there are still some younger couples with kids, many in the area are our age with grown children.  We used to get 75-80 kids in an evening, now its under 30 at best.    Which doesn't stop us from buying enough candy for 80 kids - hahaha. 

Our house is sort of "known" for having a good display at Halloween and Rick didn't disappoint!  He hung the pumpkin lights outside, set up my giant inflatable pumkin (always a kid pleaser) and set out the requisite "enter at your own risk" door hanger and talking skull!  We light ALL our candles in the house and just enjoy the evening handing out treats to the trick or treaters and eating more candy than we really should.....

It was nice, too, that we got a break in the weather tonite - it rained all day and looks like it will tomorrow, too, but tonite was cool and dry! 

Kira, our kitten, continues to grow like a bad weed - in fact, we got "the look" from our vet last week when she was in for her shots - she's a tad toooo big.  She does like to push the other cats out of the way and eat their food - oddly enough they put up with it.

Pictures today are Kira annoying Tigger (that's Tigger's basket by the way) and pictures of our Halloween house


Sunday, October 21, 2012

getting wood!!!

It's been a couple of years since we have taken wood out of our bush.  But, this year with the slightly larger tractor to pull loads back, Kris and Rick have been getting some logs from the trees that have come down.  Because it is a fairly mature bush with lots of oak and maple trees, every year a few trees blow down, which is about all we need for fireplace wood.  Kris has really been enjoying working back there - he's on his second chain-saw chain now!  pictured here is Kris bringing a trailer full of wood up to the house

Not much else is new - real estate continues steady, but financing continues to be a bit  of a headache for many buyers which is slowing the market down a little bit - particularly in the lower priced homes.

Rick listed a fabulous farm on Mink Lake last week - comes complete with a sugar bush operation.  I haven't been up to look at it yet - but Rick is very enthusiastic about it. I'll have to drive up and see it soon.

I finally had surgery on my wrist last Monday for Carpal Tunnel - seems to have gone well - it was only painful for about 12 hours after the surgery - since then its just be a bit of a hassle having my right hand bandaged - it is somewhat limiting. Tomorrow the packing and bandages come off and will be replaced with a light band-aid. Can't wait!!!

well, that's all for now, folks - I'll try do better at keeping up my blog!