Friday, February 18, 2011

snow be-gone!

Today was very warm - plus 11 at one point. Rick and I drove up to Eganville and on the way back we noticed that the snowmobile trails were nothing but grass and mud - some of the fields were just acres of water! amazing for mid February

I've really noticed, too, that warmer the weather, the busier Rick and I get! So, we've been quite active this past week.

Well, it was Speedweeks in Daytona this week! I've watched as much as I've been able to (hard to fit it in sometimes) Now, I don't mean to offend and Dale Earnhardt Sr. fans, but as it is the 10th anniversary of Dale Sr.'s crash in Daytona, the media is totally freaking MILKING it! Honestly, I'm starting to turn the sound down.
I was watching an interview with Jeff Gordon this afternoon and in the middle of Jeff, Ricky Craven and Rusty Wallace yakking it up about racing against each other back in the day, the reporter totally interupts them with her - "Jeff, how big an influence was Dale on your career?" ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! PLEASE STOP!! They weren't even talking about him, you silly twit! It was like some alarm went off in her bubble head saying "we haven't mentioned Dale Sr. for 10 minutes - must talk about Dale Earnhardt....." jeez

Tonite, we caught the truck race - good race - Michael Waltrip won (btw, d'ya think it was a conincidence that Michael's book about racing with Dale Sr., hit the bookstores this week????) anyway, the first freaking thing out of the interviewers mouth when Michael climbed out of his truck was referencing Dale's crash 10 years ago (to the day - could it be more dramatic????) and how this win meant more to Michael because it came 10 years (to the day).....

And much to his credit, the only one not milking the story is Dale Earnhardt Jr. I think he's saying "enough already" too!

Anyway, glad to have racing back, I'll just watch it this weekend with the sound turned down.

We're off to Bill and Andrea's for the Daytona 500 on Sunday. Can't wait!!!! (hopefully, they'll want to watch with the sound down too - hahahaha)
Today's pictures deer, Buddy in a tree and a woodpecker at the suet ball.

Monday is a full day for us with some showings and a home inspection in the afternoon. Nice to be busy!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Deer, Oh Deer

As you can see by my pictures, we are attracting lots of deer - putting out large quantities of deer food will do that! We're not proud - we bribe 'em!!!

We've been busy enough - showings over the weekend and more towards the end of the week. Which is pretty good for this time of year - February blahs and all. Always good to be busy in our line of work!

Cats are still going crazy over that laser pointer Rick bought last week. Buddy, Nibbles and Tigger LOVE chasing that little red light around. Missy, on the other hand, appears to be terrified of it and takes off like a bat out of hell every time she hears the clicking sound it makes when you turn it on.
Things are ramping up for NASCAR season. This Friday will see the first of the season's practice etc. on TV. wheeeeee.... stay tuned, though I'm sure to be complaining soon as to how badly my preferred driver is doing.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

potato cannons are soooooooooo passe

I'm sitting here in our lovely Eganville office - rather quiet - well, totally quiet - so I was surfing the web and I ran see this headline "teenager makes a homemade solar death ray" that's the link if you're interested

Anyway it brought to mind Kris and Jamie's experiments with potato cannons - for those of you who don't know - a potato cannon fires off potatoes (and other sundry items) it is generally made out of plumbers PVC pipe and some sort of excellerent - such as aerosol furniture polish. in his day Jamie built some fine, FINE cannons - he would spend his last dollar (or mine) on some pvc piping.

Back then, I always kept a running grocery list on the fridge and Jamie would add "spray can of endust" to the list on a regular basis - took me a while to catch on to that, mind you - I THOUGHT, he and Kris were spraying the Endust on the floor so they could chase the cat and watch poor old Sandy scramble around on a highly polished patch of floor while they laughed thmselves silly. But, no the Endust generally for the potato cannon (although they did that with the cat too)

As for the potato cannon (or spud gun) Jamie did make some doozies - probably dangerous too, now that I think about it. I'm not sure what is so wonderful about loud noises and objects shooting into the air, but it was incredibly funny to Jamie and Kris - they would fire the cannon then giggle like girls as the potato splatted on a tree in the bush! hmmm

It all ended badly, though. Jamie was working at Home Depot when he told a young co-worker all about these potato cannons, The young fellow built one - a really freaking GOOD one, according to Jamie, and brought it into the store to show Jamie. Somewhat concerned (and probably totally impressed) Jamie told the kid to get it out of the store. Unfortunately it was discovered and Jamie was fired on Monday morning for not reporting a weapon on the premises. Home Depot takes these things very seriously - apparently their HR person was NOT from the Ottawa Valley where such potato cannons are well known as a hunt camp requirement.

anyway, back to my point (what was it????) oh yeah, this kid in the States has totally outdone Jamie's weenie potato cannon and built himself a solar death ray!! wow - he should try getting a job at Home Depot......