Monday, May 24, 2010

hot hot hot!!!

We're still in a bit of a hot spell. All a/c's are installed and working well! The portable one we picked up the other night is doing a very good job - but really not incredibley "portable" It has to stay near a window (much like a window unit) and unlike a window unit which can drain the water outside, this one requires a container for the water to drain into. But, it does do a good job - is much larger than our old unit and hopefully a bit more energy efficient!

Kris's room over the kitchen was getting quite warm, so he and Rick installed a small window unit to keep that room cool. Which means, of course, that the heating pad under the lizard lair must be kept going so the lizards don't get to cold. So, we're basically heating and cooling the same room.... hmmmmmmm

The baby lizard didn't make it, by the way. Kris was giving him baby food, but this didn't seem to be what he wanted (really?????) Anyway, the little guy passed on to lizard heaven last week. I believe he's buried out back somewhere

We made a quick trip of to Centennial Lake yesterday to put up some signs - glad we went yesterday - it was cloudy and not quite so warm as today. We've quite enjoyed our quiet day inside today. We did make a quick trip to Giant Tiger in Quebec this afternoon - the only store open as Quebec doesn't celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday. We noticed going over the bridge that the water levels were quite low. It has been a while since we have had any significant rainfall and none in the forecast either.

today's picture - not a great one - but a large cultivated field in near Shawville looking very dry & one of Buddy having a nap

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rick's sick!

So far the weather this weekend is wonderful! Sunny, warm & a nice breeze

Our plan was to head up to Centennial Lake to put some signs on a lot I listed the other day - but Rick seems to have the nasty cold I had when Pam and Terry were visiting and since Rick is the one who has to drive AND is the one who puts up the signs (I'm mainly around for the drive) we decided to put it off until tomorrow or Monday if he's feeling better. Besides Centennial Lake is about an hour from home so, it would be nice if he was feeling better so at least the drive would be enjoyable!

Unfortunately, we won't be able to take the Mustang as there are some very nasty dirt "cottage" roads - might take the truck in fact - that's kinda fun too! Not looking forward to the bugs though. Last week we went up to check out the lot, and I got several nasty black fly bites. Horrible little things! don't like bugs!

We did pop up to Home Depot last night and picked up a really good deal on a portable air conditioner. We have 2 older model window air conditioners, but it was time to replace at least one of them. Home Depot had a portable one that was last year's model so quite cheap. Don't know if it is actually better than the window one, but it is a larger unit and hopefully, since 10 year's newer a bit more energy efficient.

The plan for today is for Rick to stay quiet - for me to avoid his germs and enjoy the day!

Picture today is of Centennial Lake & Dixie the German Shepherd. Dixie lives up at Centennial Lake and the bugs don't seem to bother her a bit

Sunday, May 9, 2010

rain & hail & snow - OH MY!!!

Crazy weather for middle of May! Last night it snowed and rained and very high winds! We had a nice cozy fire going all day and have one again today.

Mother's day today and Kris gave me 2 nice bunches of cut flowers - very nice! Jamie (& girlfriend, Julie) are expected later this afternoon. I made a nice low-cal cheese cake for dessert (low-cal - HA!!!) and we're making a one dish supper of manicotti & salad. Should be good!

Looking forward to seeing Jamie - we don't see him nearly as often as we would like - I expect to hear some "venting" today about work - he called last week to say how sick and tired he is of the Canadian Tire garage he works in. I expect he will move on soon. He would like to work in a garage where they work on high-performace cars, but those jobs are hard to come by & he is still a just a level 2 mechanic. It'll come though, Jamie always lands on his feet!

Today's picture, is of the flowers Kris gave me for mother's day.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

okay, okay----it's been a while

I admit, I've been terrible lately to keep up this blog. LAST weekend I had a nasty cold - which UNFORTUNATELY coincided with a once-or-twice yearly visit with our friends Pam and Terry. It was absolutely wonderful to see them and have a nice long visit even if I was under the weather.

Cold is pretty well gone now - it really stayed a chest cold and sore throat - I never really got a stuffy head. Anyway, certainly glad I'm over it! Rick had a couple of rough days, but nothing serious - no fair!

Been busy lately too - I've listed 3 properties in the last week which might just be the most I have listed in such a short period of time.

A really neat one I listed today is in Eganville - an old train station buildin in 1897. Up until 1980, it was still being used by CN Railway, but now is simply a really cool house! 14' ceilings - lots of wood and original features (including a "coffin room" where they used to keep put the coffins while waiting for the train. Anyway, a really neat historical home that has been well restored, but not overly modernized. Kitchen still has the ticket windows!

They are also cat lovers and have build a cat house and cat enclosure outside to keep the cats safe & the birds too! It's a good idea, and I suppose if we ever moved to a busy street, we might just do the same thing.

Todays picture - the catery! & the train station