Sunday, June 19, 2011

banner day

Today was perfect weather-wise. Nice and sunny, but not hot - windows open - no a/c and a nice breeze! perfect!

We had some running around to do today, so no point in Jamie and Julie coming out - we'll see them another time. Rick did some not so Happy Father's Day plumbing this morning - one of the copper pipes to the bath on the second floor was leaking, so he had to cut out a section of ceiling drywall and repair the pipe. We'll monitor and make sur the leak is stopped before closing up and re-drywalling the ceiling. Lots of fun!!

I'm still enjoying my Kindle - although I do still have to have a "real" book now and then. I do really like the fact, though, that I can buy a book in the middle of the night if I want to or anytime actually! We don't have a book store in Renfrew and the only place to buy a paperback is Wal-Mart or the Drug stores and I find their selection to be pretty slim - lots of vampire books these days - that appears to be the flavour of the month.

If you want a bit of a laugh go to Youtube and search Weird Al Yankovic - he's got a video "the eminem interview" that is pretty funny.

Today's picture is the garden - it's really coming along and a neat shot of Nibbles that Rick took the other day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


today started out very nice - clear skies and sunny - nice. It did get quite warm later on in the afternoon - we closed up and put on the two a/c's.

Rick and I hosted a lunch for an agent Open House at a house we have for sale out here in Haley's. It's a chance for the local agents to come out and take a look at a new listing - nice to do now and then.

It's birthday week this week - Jamie turned 29 on Monday and Kris turns 26 tomorrow. We gave Kris some money earlier towards a pair of work boots, but he likes a few presents on his birthday, so we went out tonite and got a few little things, including one of those hanging strawberry gardens - since he is so into gardening. And tomorrow nite we'll get a small ice cream cake.

Jamie might be coming out on Sunday - we'll pick him up a few things too.

We now have an aquarium sans fish. All 3 of our 19 cent gold fish died. Maybe it's all the cat spit from Buddy drinking out of it - hahaha. Kris said he would buy the fish this time.

Today's picture is one I snapped tonite - Missy was taking a wee nap when Rocky Raccoon sauntered by - she didn't even look worried!

Friday, June 10, 2011

I feel your pain, Missy!

Well, Missy had her "weigh-in" today - she gained an ounce! Poor old thing! Diet food for 2 solid weeks and she gains weight!!! that sucks!!! I'm sure many ladies out there share her disappointment. To be honest, Dr. Witham said it sometimes takes several weeks before we'll see results. Maybe we should have bought the Dr. Atkins diet food - hahahahaha

So, not a terribly exciting day - had a home inspection this afternoon - that's about as exciting as watching paint dry. I like to let the home inspectors go at it without a lot of chit chat so it goes a bit quicker, but sometimes there are things that need to be discussed - anyway, they run to 3 1/2 hours and this one was no different. Actually, Rick sat through most of the inspection while Princess stayed back in the office and surfed the net - perfectly legal now that he is licenced!!!

We've got some very bold raccoons hanging around the front yard eating the birdseed that falls on the ground. Sometimes Rick pops them with a paintball gun to scare them away, but the little guy out there today, just cringed and put his little hands over his little face, so that was the end of the paintball gun. Guess we'll just let him eat - he doesn't seem to bother the cats - they just sit about 5 feet away from him and watch him eat the birdseed.

today's picture - a not so svelte Missy and Rocky the Raccoon (there is some resemblance between the two, actually, other than their faces (Missy is much prettier)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

love my Blackberry!!!

Several months ago I upgraded my cell phone to a Blackberry. I wasn't eager to do this - but it seemed to be the way to go as I am texting more and more these days. After a couple of evenings spent trying to figure it out, I have to say I'm very pleased with the change. I can add contacts much easier, attached notes to my contacts and most important I use the appointment calendar - don't know how I managed without it. No more phone books and appointment books lost in my purse!

I have not accessed the internet on my Blackberry, though. I'm sure I will at some point, but for now I feel like the world won't fall apart if I'm not on the net for a few hours. In fact, it's probably good for me to have some "down time"

Today was quite cool (after yesterday's heat it seemed particularly chilly) But, it was great to turn off the A/C's and open up the house. We went for a walk last night - mozzies were out in full force. No matter how fast I walk, they still find me and bite me!

todays picture is an oldie but still a favorite - Missy in her favorite sleeping position. Our vet recommended we put her on a diet (ya think???) so we switched the regular dried food for Iam's low-cal food. Two weeks ago she was 18.1 lbs at the vet's - we have been dillegent about keeping her off the non-diet food, so when we take her back in tomorrow for her shots, we'll weight her again - I'll be curious to know if she's lost so much as an ounce! Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog when I post her weight!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

how does your garden grow???

Kris' garden is coming right along as you can see by my picture. He's been working very hard on it it - don't think he's discovered weeding yet. ..... I do look f- orward to some fresh tomatoes - I think he has a row of iceburg lettuce, but I THINK it is one of those "delicate" types of produce that the bugs take care of pretty quick unless grown in a very controlled environment - oh well - what are a few bugs....

Rick and I are keeping pretty busy - I've got a home inspection later this week and an Open House on Sunday - hopefully I'll have nice weather for the Open House. Nothing keeps people away like pouring rain.

Been very warm for the past day or two - the thermometer at the back of our office read 100 degrees this afternoon. Sure cooled down this afternoon - I hear Ottawa got socked with thunderstorms, but all we got out Renfrew way was some very light sprinkles. In fact, Kris had to water his garden tonite as it was so dry

We got an aquarium a couple of weeks ago - actually Kris bought it when he was in the pet shop buying crickets for his Amole lizards. anyway, it's kind of nice - it cost $99 and the fish cost ninetheen cents. We bought 3 fish, but 2 died - but at nineteen cents we can afford to replace them - often.

Buddy is tall enough that he can drink from it - either from the water fountain part or right out out of the bowl - fish doesn't mind.