Friday, March 1, 2013

lots of snow

Well, to prove Spring ISN'T, in fact, just around the corner, we had lots and lots of heavy wet snow on Wednesday.  Kris and I were outside around 11 on Wednesday night listening to the tree branches cracking under the weight of the snow.  We have a few large branches that came down across the driveway that Rick and Kris will have to clean up on the weekend.

Fortunately on Wednesday we didn't have any driving to do and so we just took a snow day and stayed off the roads. 

As for our 6 feline housemates, I would have to say they are all getting along amazingly well - especially since this is the winter where they are in most of the time.  Lucy and Allie don't go out very often - I think they may still worry that they won't get back in!!!  

today's pics  - SNOW

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