Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Finally!!! a name!!

We have all finally agreed upon a name for our newest feline member.  Although I was opting for Buttons (not very original, I know), Kris came up with "Allie" - so Allie-cat, she is.  She is still adapting and learning to get along with the other cats.  Just like the other cats, she loves sitting on the back of the couch and looking out the window - but so far, if she's on the couch, no one else will join her.

We had her into the vet last week - she's about 2 years old but Dr. Witham can't tell if she has been spayed or not - hopefully she was spayed by her previous people - guess time will tell.

Got some snow yesterday - which didn't stop Buddy from "birding" under the feeder - sad really

three cats on a couch on a winters day  - Buddy, Nibbles and Lucy (Lucy's getting spayed tomorrow)
bought some deer food - happy deer tonite (we have had up to 9 at one time)

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