Friday, February 8, 2013

Spring around the corner????

I don't pay a LOT of attention to the various varmint predictions about Spring - but I THOUGHT all gophers agreed this year that Spring was just around the corner!!  hmmmm....doesn't really feel like that today!   We have about 6 inches or so and still coming down.

We hadn't planned to go anywhere today but had to touch bases with a client who doesn't have a phone, so a quick trip into Renfrew.  Roads weren't bad - not great, but not too bad - we took our time.

New family member Allie-cat is fitting quite well - no spats or problems with other cats - I'm actually surprised (pleasantly mind you, but still surprised).  It isn't always easy introducing a mature cat to a household, but this went well.  Allie kept to herself for a few days - she found a box in a closet off the laundry room with some old mitts and touques in it and that was her "safe" spot for a while, but now she's all over the house

It appears she has NOT been spayed (I guess it was wishful thinking on our part that she might have been spayed).  We've never really had a cat this age that wasn't spayed, so a bit of a new experience.  She's VERY friendly, just looking for a "special" friend.....   Anyway, appointment made for this Monday with  Dr. Witham (who we're seeing a lot of lately) who will take care of that little problem.  

Lucy, who was just spayed last week is doing well and seems to be back to normal - she was pretty quiet for the first few days.   (imagine - two spayings within two weeks!!!!!)

Real estate is remarkably busy for this time of year - I'm happy about it - but it's not usually like this in February! We're actually juggling our schedule to keep up with showings and meeting with clients. Not complaining!!!

Some pictures I snapped today

Buddy watching the bird feeder
Rick replacing the suet thingy (with Nibbles in lower right corner watching)
lots of deer tonite - even more showed up after I took this picture!  They're getting quite bold too - Kris said one was peeking in the garage yesterday evening when he was late putting out the food!

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